About me

Fun Facts


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Elevator pitch

My name is Mathieu and I’m a insert title. I enjoy searching for the whys and hows, trying to break them and making them better. I completed a Bachelors of cybersecurity at Polytechnique Montréal and would like you to benefit from it. I love reading and I love learning. New concepts, new skills, my interests cover a wide area from technology to health and wellness. I value freedom of thought and believe knowledge should also be free. I’m from Montréal and am open to work proposals. Would you like to know more?


The Bachelors of cybersecurity is obtained through accumulation of three undergraduate certificates, in my case it was Cyber security (3.82 GPA), Cyber investigation(4.00 GPA) at Polytechnique and Applied computer science(3.99 GPA) at Université de Montréal.

General interests

When I’m not digging through documentation and news to stay ahead, I enjoy discovering craft breweries, cycling and working out. I’m more of a dog person and I’m also a member of ΣΘΠ since 2014.